Hi, I’m Michele Struss!

I live in northern NJ surrounded by the best family and friends a girl could ask for.  …though some of my favorite people live way further than I’d like.  I was born with a form of dwarfism that has led to many surgeries, neurological damage and daily challenges; but it has also led me to know God in ways I otherwise couldn’t.  This road can be unquestionably hard, but I wouldn’t trade it.

And to be honest, I love being unique!

My journey as an artist has been intertwined with my faith as I am continually stretched for greater capacity and purpose. Each time I am lead outside of my comfort zone I find myself praying the same prayer… “Lord, I cannot do this on my own; I need You to be the artist and simply use me as Your paintbrush.”

There have been many tears (literally) along the way because stretching hurts.  But every time I’ve followed God’s lead, He’s increased my gift beyond “me” and opened doors of opportunity I never even thought to ask for.  As a result, I take little credit for my work. Afterall, no one ever praised one of Michelangelo’s paintbrushes!

It’s an incredible feeling to see my work hanging in the humblest homes in developing countries as well as in the Museum of Biblical Art in Dallas, TX.  The best feeling of all though (and my purpose) is shining the spotlight on God through my art and ongoing story.  He is my passion and pursuit.

I love being an artist!  I also love pancakes for dinner, sunflowers and getaways to our family cabin.